Who’s who in LulzSec hacktivist gang

Purported details about the online personas of key members of the LulzSec hacktivist group have begun circulating online.

Imperva researcher Tal Be’ery says LulzSec’s key operatives appear to have been previously involved as key contributors to Anonymous’ hacktivist attack, earlier this year, of intel consultancy HB Gary.

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The HB Gary caper, you may recall, led to the exposure of a U.S. Chamber of Commerce disinformation campaign, as well as the outing of a similar disinformation campaign HB Gary plotted on behalf of the Bank of America. The chamber and the bank denied involvement. But the public posting of numerous stolen e-mails and other business documents indicated otherwise.

And now LulzSec’s key players are using some of the same nicknames that turned up in IRC chatter surrounding Anonymous’ HB Gary hacktivist escapade, says Be’ery. They include:

  • Sabu, said to be close to 30, relatively intelligent, and resentful of authority figures and successful people. Sabu appears to be the leader.
  • Tflow, aka Timeflow, said to be a pseudo-intellectual, and an on-again, off-again member of the group.
  • Topiary, reportedly the least skilled hacker, but he’s a quick-witted wise cracker willing to take risks. Topiary operates Lulzsec’s Twitter account and handles donations and payments for services rendered.
  • Kayla, a male who often claims to be a 16-year-old girl; operator of a large botnet.
  • Joepie91, who operates LulzSec’s websites; he has repeatedly expressed that his online activities, including services provided for LulzSec, break no laws.
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