News alert: p0 launches from stealth, leverages Generative AI to improve software integrity

New York City, New York – Jan. 30, 2024; In an increasingly competitive and malicious environment vulnerabilities in enterprise codebases can lead to catastrophic security failures.

Many times these can be fatal for businesses built on a foundation of customer trust and reliability. Data security is the most fundamental promise that a business can make to its users. Despite this, we have grown accustomed to hearing about massive data exploits on an almost daily basis. It is logical that recent research has found that 71% of software engineers are concerned about software reliability at their workplace.

p0 has launched from stealth and today announces that it has raised $6.5m from Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Alchemy Ventures to help stop catastrophic software failures.

p0’s proprietary technology leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to identify safety and security issues in software before it is ever run in a production environment. p0’s technology provides a single-click solution with no need for additional user configuration.

“Across the world, recent catastrophic software failures have led to real-world impact on human life and poor outcomes for businesses,” said Prakash Sanker, p0 co-founder and CTO. At p0, we are determined to stop these safety and security issues affecting our society. Leveraging AI, we can go further than traditional software reliability”

p0 can handle a wide range of software issues including data integrity issues and validation failures (including those affecting data security), alongside speed and timeout issues. p0 noiselessly surfaces intelligent and actionable output far more effectively than traditional software reliability and security solutions.

“We’re building a phenomenal team and product at p0, all focused around protecting our clients and their users the damage that software vulnerabilities and reliability bugs can cause,” Kunal Agarwal, pO co-founder and CEO.Through developer teams simply connecting their Git code repositories to p0, they can rapidly gain insight beyond what traditional rule-based static analysis tools can provide – with the ability to run code scans in just 1-click.”

“As software becomes more intricate and pervasive, the importance of robust testing and reliability checks has never been more apparent. p0 is here to fundamentally change how organisations tackle these challenges head-on by harnessing the analytical power of AI. Our innovative approach empowers developers to write safer, more secure code thereby pre-empting serious run-time failures and exploits..”

Before founding p0, Sanker studied math and computer science at Stanford University and worked at companies including Palantir. Agarwal, an economics graduate from Harvard College, has previously founded a company backed by Lightspeed, Priority Vendor Technologies, which was acquired by Kansas-based


Hemant Mohapatra, Partner at Lightspeed, commented: ““At Lightspeed we’ve backed over 50 companies using generative AI to create new markets and upend old ones. p0’s cutting-edge approach to code and API security is unique and amongst the first ever truly LLM-native ways of solving this age-old and ever-evolving problem. We are excited to have incubated and backed them from when this was just an idea on paper”

p0 will use the capital to develop its product further, as it seeks to gain adoption from more users and build its team further.

About p0: Founded by Prakash Sanker and Kunal Agarwal, p0 leverages AI to help software teams surface critical security issues in software before their code is deployed to production. Through connecting with Git code repositories, p0 can identify a variety of software issues, using Generative AI to go further in identifying bugs than other tools can. For more information, please visit

About Lightspeed: Lightspeed is a global multi-stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the Enterprise, Consumer, and Health sectors. Since 2000, Lightspeed has backed entrepreneurs and helped build companies of tomorrow, including: Affirm, Acceldata, AppDynamics, Darwinbox, Hasura, Nutanix, OYO, Razorpay, Snap, Supabase, and Udaan. Lightspeed and its affiliates currently manage more than $18 Billion across the global Lightspeed platform, with investment professionals and advisors in India, Silicon Valley, Israel, China, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Media contact: Bilal Mahmood, Stockwood Strategy, Mob: +44 (0) 771 400 7257

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