News alert: Diversified, GroCyber form partnership to deliver media-centric cybersecurity solutions

Kenilworth, NJ, Feb. 8, 2024 – Diversified, a leading global technology solutions provider, today announced a partnership and trio of solutions with GroCyber.

Together, the companies are empowering AV and media companies to improve their cybersecurity stance by providing a “clean bill of health” for their digital media environments, ensuring hardware and software are current, and protecting media storage and devices against the threat of malware.


“Diversified has deep expertise in AV and media, and our conversations with clients have made clear that they want and need help navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape. However, until now, there was nothing in the market that addressed the unique cybersecurity and performance requirements of the media and AV worlds,” said Mat Newfield, president and chief commercial officer of Diversified. “Diversified and GroCyber have joined forces to fill that gap.”


The new Diversified-GroCyber cybersecurity solutions include:

•Cyber certification. For this offering, GroCyber works as the independent third party to test and certify that the broadcast environments and components of Diversified customers are operating in accordance with the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF).

•Cyber hygiene and monitoring.This new Diversified managed service monitors the hardware and software at a business to ensure it has the latest security patches, configuration and access control – minimizing the enterprise’s cyber risk exposure.

•Vulnerability management. This new service provides guidance on how to create a secure architecture and performs scanning and penetration testing to identify and alert Diversified customers of vulnerabilities quickly so they can protect their media assets.

“It is absolutely critical for enterprises today to protect the integrity of their media assets, which are key to their business operations and can represent hundreds of millions of dollars in intellectual property,” said Alison Kidd, managing partner of GroCyber, which was founded by 25-plus-year legends in cybersecurity who have brought together a team of cybersecurity experts to solve some of enterprises’ most complex problems. “Traditional approaches like air gapping no longer work in our connected, IP-based world, and patching alone is not enough.”

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Media contact: Gordon Evans.

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