News alert: Aembit, Crowdstrike partner to help companies tighten security of IAM workload access

Silver Spring, Maryland, Jan. 30, 2024 — Aembit, the Workload Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that enables DevOps and security teams to discover, manage, enforce and audit access between workloads, today announced the availability of a new integration with the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to give enterprises the ability to dynamically manage and enforce conditional access policies based on the real-time security posture of their applications and services. This integration signifies a significant leap in Aembit’s mission to empower organizations to apply Zero Trust principles to make workload-to-workload access more secure and manageable.

Workload IAM transforms enterprise security by securing workload-to-workload access through policy-driven, identity-based, and secretless access controls, moving away from the legacy unmanaged, secrets-based approach.


“Today’s attacks are increasingly identity-based, which is why enforcing identity-protection across the enterprise at every layer is critical for modern security. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform is rapidly becoming the center of cybersecurity’s ecosystem. This integration with Aembit enables organizations to secure machine identities as part of a holistic approach to security.” said Daniel Bernard, chief business officer at CrowdStrike.

Through this partnership, the Aembit Workload IAM solution checks to see if a CrowdStrike Falcon agent is running on the workload and evaluates its real-time security posture to drive workload access decisions to applications and data.

With this approach, now enterprises can protect their workloads from unauthorized access, even against the backdrop of changing conditions and dynamic access requirements.


“The launch of the Aembit Workload IAM Platform on the CrowdStrike Marketplace represents a significant advancement in our joint mission to securely manage workload-to-workload access,” said David Goldschlag, CEO and co-founder at Aembit.

Additional customer benefits from this partnership include:

•Managed workload-to-workload access: Enforce and manage workload access to other applications, SaaS services, and third-party APIs based on identity and policy set by the security team, driving down risk.

•Seamless deployment: Drive consolidation by effortlessly integrating the Aembit Workload IAM Platform with the Falcon platform in a few clicks, providing a unified experience for managing workload identities while understanding workload security posture.

•Zero Trust security model: Embrace a Zero Trust approach, ensuring that every access request, regardless of the source, is verified before granting access rights. Aembit’s solution enforces the principle of least privilege based on identity, policy, and workload security posture, minimizing potential security vulnerabilities.

•Visibility and monitoring: Gain extensive visibility into workload identities and access permissions, enabling swift detection and response to potential security threats. Monitor and audit access logs based on identity for comprehensive security oversight.

This industry-first collaboration builds on the recent CrowdStrike Falcon Fund strategic investment in Aembit, underscoring the global cybersecurity leader’s commitment to fostering innovation within the space.

“We are excited to bring the power of Aembit’s Workload IAM to the CrowdStrike Marketplace. This collaboration enables us to deliver Zero Trust for workload access in a way that simplifies and automates the evolving security challenges faced by DevOps and DevSecOps teams,” said Apurva Dave, CMO at Aembit.

The investment reflects the recognition of the growing demands for securing workload access.

Aembit Workload IAM is available in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, a one-stop destination and world-class ecosystem of third party products. See more here.

About Aembit: Aembit is the Workload Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform that lets every business safely build its next generation of applications by inherently trusting how it connects to partners, customers, and cloud services. Aembit provides seamless and secure access from your workloads to the services they depend on, like APIs, databases, and cloud resources, while simplifying application development, delivery, compliance, and audit.

Media contact: Apurva Dave, Chief Marketing Officer,

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