News alert: AdviserCyber launches to help ‘RIAs’ meet SEC’s cybersecurity infrastructure rules

Phoenix, Ariz. — Nov. 1, 2023  AdviserCyber, a cybersecurity service provider for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) with $500M to $3B Assets Under Management (AUM) who must comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cybersecurity requirements, announced its formal launch today.

In the last year alone, advisers and wealth managers in financial sectors have witnessed an 80% increase in cyber threats and intrusion activity, with investment advisers being particularly vulnerable due to the sensitive nature of the data they handle.

AdviserCyber’s launch comes at a pivotal moment, as pending SEC regulations specifically geared towards RIAs and Broker/Dealers now require firms to prioritize cybersecurity practices like never before. The new rules are designed to enhance a firm’s risk management and data protection capabilities. AdviserCyber’s mission is to provide robust protection across entire enterprises, while ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations set by the SEC.


“The SEC has increased measures to ensure investment advisers adopt and implement effective cybersecurity policies,” said Michael Cocanower, founder and CEO of AdviserCyber. “Our solutions are designed with this in mind, ensuring customer data is protected, while also enabling customers to navigate the extremely complex regulatory landscape.”

As the SEC rolls out the new cybersecurity regulations for RIAs, compliance is critical. But real cybersecurity goes beyond checking a box for compliance to ensure RIAs are protected and prepared for ever-evolving cyber threats. AdviserCyber focuses only on cybersecurity compliance for RIAs, delivering a deeper level of cybersecurity with its unique and specific expertise.

AdviserCyber’s primary service offering — AdviserSecure — is a comprehensive suite of technology and services that meet compliance requirements with all current and proposed SEC cybersecurity regulations. A separate bundled offering, AdviserSecure Complete, is also available for prospective customers. AdviserCyber’s suite of services includes:

•Risk Assessment & Management: Comprehensive evaluations to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that all regulatory requirements are met in order to help RIAs make risk-informed decisions.

•Cybersecurity Training and Phishing Testing: The easiest part of a system to hack is the human being. The only way to prevent this part of your defense is through training and testing. Help your employees become better defenders of your data.

•Asset Discovery and Inventory: Identify and manage an organization’s digital assets to enhance security, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

•Real Time Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation:  Scan for vulnerabilities both internally and externally in real time.  Classify vulnerabilities based on severity allowing you to focus on the most important items first.  Also includes an allocation of time every month to remediate any vulnerabilities found in your systems.

•Cybersecurity Toolset: Custom technology provides RIAs with the greatest possible defenses against threat actors.

•Incident Response: An expert in cybersecurity is on call whenever an organization needs them. Rapid action plans address and resolve any security breaches, minimizing potential damage. 24/7 incident detection monitoring ensures critical issues are realized and worked to resolve in real-time as they happen.

•Compliance Consulting: Expert guidance on navigating the SEC’s cybersecurity regulations, ensuring that investment advisers remain compliant. This includes staying up to date on all essential compliance documentation.

AdviserCyber also offers an advanced program — AdviserSecure Complete — that goes beyond the requirement of the SEC to greatly reduce the risk of cyberattacks. These additional services include:

•Penetration Testing: Penetration testing simulates real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in digital systems, helping to proactively strengthen security defenses.

•Mobile Device Management: Goes beyond merely protecting data on an organization’s computers and extends the protection and monitoring out to include mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

•Advanced Email Protection: Email is the entry point for an overwhelming number of modern cyberattacks.  Advanced Email Protection provides comprehensive protection to help significantly mitigate the risk at an organization’s ‘front door.’

Digital Rights Management:  Maintain control of the data both inside and outside your organization.  Scan data at exit points for confidential information such as account numbers or personally identifiable information and ensure it isn’t able to leave your organization without your knowledge.

AdviserCyber will work with a firm’s compliance team to ensure compliance is met and improve overall security of an adviser firm. To book a demo with AdviserCyber Founder Michael Cocanower and learn more about AdviserCyber’s offerings, visit

About AdviserCyber: AdviserCyber is a cybersecurity service that was created specifically for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) and Broker/Dealers to navigate the extremely complex regulatory framework. Led by founder Michael Cocanower, who holds Certified Ethical Hacker and Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional® certifications, AdviserCyber’s deep understanding of the financial sector and the regulatory landscape is second to none. AdviserCyber doesn’t just ship cybersecurity software and call it a day. It is a hands-on, human-led experience, leveraging both custom technology and the human expertise of our deeply knowledgeable cybersecurity team that monitors for threats in real-time 24/7. For more information about AdviserCyber, please visit

Media contact: Lauren Meckstroth, The Abbi Agency,, 775.446.4678

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