NEW TECH SNAPSHOT: The role of ‘MSSPs’ in helping businesses manage cybersecurity

By Byron V. Acohido

Network security has been radically altered, two-plus years into the global pandemic.

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The new normal CISOs face today is something of a nightmare. They must take into account a widely scattered workforce and somehow comprehensively mitigate new and evolving cyber threats.

Criminal hacking collectives are thriving, more  than ever. Security teams are on a mission to push network defenses to the perimeter edges of an open, highly interconnected digital landscape; the defenders are under assault and running hard to stay one step ahead.

Managed Security Services Providers have been steadily evolving for two decades; they now seem poised to help large enterprises and, especially, small to mid-sized businesses manage their cybersecurity.

The global market for managed security services is estimated to be growing at a compound annual rate of 14 percent and should climb to $44 billion by 2026, up from $23 billion in 2021, says research firm MarketsandMarkets.


“Managed security service providers are rising to meet a need that’s clearly out there,” observes Elizabeth Jimenez, executive director of market development at NeoSystems, an MSP and systems integrator. “We can plug in parts or all of a complete stack of cutting-edge security technologies, and provide the expertise an organization requires to operate securely in today’s environment.”

MSSPs arrived on the scene some 17 years ago to help organizations cope with the rising complexity of their IT infrastructure. The focus in those early days was on compliance and device management. MSSPs have since broadened and advanced their services, a trend that continues as cloud migration gained momentum in the 2010s — and then accelerated with the onset of Covid 19.

Today, it’s feasible for an enterprise or SMB to outsource just about any facet of their security program — much the same as outsourcing payroll or human services functions.

I’ve a had a couple of deep discussions about this trend with NeoSystems. The company is based in Washington D.C. and one of its specialties is helping government contractors continuously monitor and manage their networks, systems and data. For more info, visit

A drill-down on MSSPs is coming tomorrow (Sept. 7) in a LW news analysis column and podcast. Stay tuned.


Pulitzer Prize-winning business journalist Byron V. Acohido is dedicated to fostering public awareness about how to make the Internet as private and secure as it ought to be.

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