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News alert: 1touch.io names former Bugcrowd chief Ashish Gupta as CEO and President

New York, New York, Nov. 14, 2023 — 1touch.io, a pioneer in sensitive data intelligence, today announced Ashish Gupta as its new Chief Executive Officer and President.

Gupta will also join the 1touch.io Board of Directors. Previously, he served as the CEO and President of Bugcrowd, where he successfully led the company’s rapid scaling by transforming it into a multi-product, industry-leading platform. Zak Rubinstein, Cofounder of 1touch.io and its CEO since inception, will focus on expanding the company’s growth through strategic partnerships as the Chief Business and Strategy Officer

“We are thrilled to welcome Ashish as 1touch.io’s new CEO,” said Rubinstein. “His track record of scaling businesses profitably, along with his strategic leadership, business acumen, and product vision, make him ideal to lead our next stage of growth. Ashish is an exceptional leader of people who appreciates the value of culture and teamwork. I am confident he will continue building

MY TAKE: New tech standards, like ‘Matter’ and ‘BIMI,’ point the way to secure interoperability

By Byron V. Acohido

The IQ of our smart homes is about to level-up.

Hundreds of different types of smart devices designed to automate tasks and route control to our smart phones and wearable devices have arrived on store shelves, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

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Some of these latest, greatest digital wonders will function well together, thanks to the new Matter smart home devices standard, which was introduced one year ago.

However, there’s still a long way to go to achieve deep interoperability of interconnected services in a way that preserves privacy and is very secure. Matter is a bellwether, part of a fresh slate of technical standards and protocols taking shape that will help to ingrain digital trust and pave the way for massively-interconnected, highly-interoperable digital services.

I recently discussed the current state of tech standards with DigiCert’s  Mike Nelson, Global Vice President of Digital Trust and, Dean Coclin, Senior Director of Trust Services, at DigiCert Trust Summit 2023. We drilled down on Matter as well as another new standard,  BIMI, which stands for “brand indicators for message?identification.” BIMI essentially is a carrot-on-a-stick mechanism designed to incentivize e-mail marketers to proactively engage in suppressing email spoofing. Here are my takeaways:

Matter picks up steam

Frustration with smart home devices should be much reduced in 2024. That’s because gadgets that bear the Matter logo are more readily available than ever.  Matter-compliant thermostats, pet cams, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, TVs and security systems can no

News alert: Risk Ledger secures £6.25 million to prevent cyber attacks on enterprise supply chains

London, United Kingdom, Nov. 7, 2023 —  Organisations have been laser focussed on protecting their own networks, applications, physical premises and people against cyber security attacks but have neglected their exposure to suppliers.

Indeed, over the past 3 years, a staggering 73% of organisations have been affected by a third-party security breach. Helping these businesses toughen their resilience against such attacks, cyber security business Risk Ledger is today announcing it has raised a £6.25 million series A funding round to strengthen supply chains.

The funding round was led by UK investor Mercia Ventures, which joins Seedcamp, Firstminute Capital, Episode 1, Village Global as well as Finnish VC Lifeline Ventures as investors. To date, Risk Ledger has raised a total of  £9.8 million in venture funding.

Recent cyber attacks on The Metropolitan Police and NHS Trusts through their supply chains have the potential to compromise the UK’s national security and private citizen data. A threat alert by the National Cyber Security Centre is also warning of increased state-sponsored attacks against UK critical national infrastructure. Supply chain attacks are

News alert: AppMap launches ‘Runtime Code Review’ — GitHub integration innovation

Boston, Mass., Nov. 7, 2023 —AppMap today announces its innovative Runtime Code Review solution that will transform software quality and the developer experience.

AppMap’s mission is to deliver actionable insights to developers where they work, and AppMap continues to deliver on the promise with its latest release for the GitHub Marketplace.

Unexpected runtime defects account for a staggering 40% of performance problems and 50% of security defects. AppMap directly addresses this issue with its industry-first automated Runtime Code Review to find and fix runtime flaws prior to release.

Unlike static code analysis and LLM-based code review, Runtime Code Review surfaces insights that are only visible while code executes with new data about code behavior and novel code quality analyses. AppMap’s new release detects and fixes critical runtime performance, security, and stability issues earlier than ever, ensuring trouble-free code release to production.

Without AppMap, developers typically spend a whopping 40% of their time each week in break-fix development cycles. With Runtime Code Review from AppMap, cycles of runtime investigation and code repair drop from weeks down to minutes saving organizations development time and money. AppMap’s first CI release, their new GitHub Action, brings instant insights to developers where they evaluate

News alert: AdviserCyber launches to help ‘RIAs’ meet SEC’s cybersecurity infrastructure rules

Phoenix, Ariz. — Nov. 1, 2023 — AdviserCyber, a cybersecurity service provider for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) with $500M to $3B Assets Under Management (AUM) who must comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cybersecurity requirements, announced its formal launch today.

In the last year alone, advisers and wealth managers in financial sectors have witnessed an 80% increase in cyber threats and intrusion activity, with investment advisers being particularly vulnerable due to the sensitive nature of the data they handle.

AdviserCyber’s launch comes at a pivotal moment, as pending SEC regulations specifically geared towards RIAs and Broker/Dealers now require firms to prioritize cybersecurity practices like never before. The new rules are designed to enhance a firm’s risk management and data protection capabilities. AdviserCyber’s mission is to provide robust protection across entire

News alert: Traceable celebrates winning the prestigious SINET16 Innovator Award for 2023

San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 31, 2023 – Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security company, proudly announces its continued recognition in the cybersecurity industry, with the latest accolade being the prestigious SINET16 Innovator Award for 2023.

The SINET16 Innovator Award recognizes the most innovative companies and technologies addressing today’s top cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

Traceable was chosen from a competitive pool of 195 applications across 13 countries by a rigorous judging process involving 115 private and government security professionals.

In just a few months, Traceable’s innovative solutions have been consistently acknowledged. The company has been honored by the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards, the Globee Information Technology Awards, TMCNet Zero Trust Security Excellence Awards, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, Fortress Cybersecurity Awards, and

News alert: Ivanti reports reveals 49% of CXOs have requested bypassing security measures

Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 31, 2023 —Ivanti, the tech company that elevates and secures Everywhere Work, today announced the results of its Executive Security Spotlight report as part of Ivanti’s Cybersecurity Status Report Series.

Ivanti surveyed over 6,500 executive leaders, cybersecurity professionals and office workers to understand today’s threats and discover how organizations are preparing for yet-unknown future threats.

Top executives — the employee group most targeted by threat actors — are frequently provided unfettered access to valuable data sources and networked assets. While 96% of leaders say they are at least moderately supportive and invested in their organization’s