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News analysis Q&A: Shake up of the SIEM, UEBA markets continues as LogRhythm-Exabeam merge

By Byron V. Acohido

It’s easy to compile a checklist on why the announced merger of LogRhythm and Exabeam could potentially make strategic sense.

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LogRhythm’s is a long established SIEM provider and Exabeam has been making hay since its 2013 launch advancing its UEBA capabilities. Combining these strengths falls in line with the drive to make cloud-centric, hyper-interconnected company networks more resilient.

Forrester Principal Analyst Allie Mellen observes: “The combined organization is likely to push hard in the midmarket, where LogRhythm’s existing suite has had success and the Exabeam user experience makes it a more natural fit.”

Despite the promising synergies, Mellen cautioned that the merger alone would not resolve all challenges. “Both of these companies have faced challenges in recent years that are not solved by a merger,” she adds. “These include difficulty keeping pace with market innovation and with the transition to the cloud.” she said.

Last Watchdog engaged Mellon in a drill down on other ramifications. Here’s that exchange, edited for clarity and length.

LW: How difficult is it going to be for LogRhythm and Exabeam to align their differing market focuses; what potential conflicts are they going to have to resolve?

News alert: Simbian launches with $10M to build autonomous, GenAI-powered security platform

Mountain View, Calif. – April 11, 2024 – Simbian today emerged from stealth mode with oversubscribed $10M seed funding to deliver on fully autonomous security.

As a first step towards that goal, the company is introducing the industry’s first GenAI-powered security co-pilot that integrates secure and intelligent AI solutions into diverse IT environments to maximize coverage and expedite resolutions to security teams’ ever-changing needs.

The co-pilot continuously observes user actions and environments, and learns to autonomously perform increasingly sophisticated tasks on its own with time. Simbian is committed to making security fully autonomous by delegating all tactical tasks to its trusted AI platform, allowing users to focus on strategic security goals.

Simbian, the name derived from the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, has received initial investment from security and AI-focused investors Cota Capital, Icon Ventures, Firebolt and Rain Capital. Its founding team comprises leading AI researchers and security veterans who have created security products in broad use across enterprises today,

News alert: DigiCert taps tenured tech execs Jugnu Bhatia as its new CFO, Dave Packer as CRO

Lehi, Utah – Feb. 14, 2024  – DigiCert, a leading global provider of digital trust, today announced new additions to its executive leadership team with the appointments of Jugnu Bhatia as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Dave Packer as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

“DigiCert just closed its largest quarterly bookings in the company history, and I am thrilled to have such exceptional leaders joining our executive team at an important stage in our growth,” said Amit Sinha, CEO of DigiCert. “Jugnu and Dave bring deep operational and leadership experience at scale. With our continued digital trust innovation

News alert: Diversified, GroCyber form partnership to deliver media-centric cybersecurity solutions

Kenilworth, NJ, Feb. 8, 2024 – Diversified, a leading global technology solutions provider, today announced a partnership and trio of solutions with GroCyber.

Together, the companies are empowering AV and media companies to improve their cybersecurity stance by providing a “clean bill of health” for their digital media environments, ensuring hardware and software are current, and protecting media storage and devices against the threat of malware.

“Diversified has deep expertise in AV and media, and our conversations with clients have made clear that they want and need help navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape. However, until now, there was nothing in the market that addressed the unique cybersecurity and performance requirements of the media and AV worlds,” said Mat Newfield, president and chief commercial officer of Diversified.

News alert: Oasis Security raises $40M funding to automate the lifecycle of non-human identities

Tel Aviv, Israel, Jan. 31, 2024 — Oasis Security, the leading provider of Non-human Identity Management (NIM) solutions, announced today that it raised a total of $40 million funding led by Sequoia Capital (Doug Leone, Bogomil Balkansky), alongside Accel (Andrei Brasoveanu), Cyberstarts (Lior Simon) and Maple Capital. Guy Podjarny, founder of Snyk and Michael Fey, Co-Founder and CEO of Island, also participated in the financing.

The rapidly growing number of non-human identities – such as service accounts, secrets, API keys, tokens and certificates – deployed in organizations’ hybrid and multi cloud environments poses a dual security and operational challenge.

Non-human identities now outnumber human identities by a factor of 50 to 1, creating a massive attack surface that has become a primary target of malicious actors. The security risks are further compounded as, on average, there are 10 times more non-human identities with broader access privileges to sensitive data than there are humans. With more business processes being automated via AI-workflows and accessed by machines, it is critical that organizations deploy an enterprisewide non-human identity strategy.

News alert: Reken raises $10M from Greycroft to protect against generative AI-enabled fraud

San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 31, 2024 – Reken, an AI & cybersecurity company, today announced the close of its $10M oversubscribed seed round, led by Greycroft and FPV Ventures. Other investors in the round include Firebolt Ventures, Fika Ventures, Omega Venture Partners, Homebrew, and JAZZ Venture Partners.

The funding will be used for core research and development to build new AI technology and products to protect against generative AI threats, such as deepfake social engineering and autonomous fraud.

“Generative AI cybercrime poses the greatest security challenge of our time,” said Shuman Ghosemajumder, co-founder & CEO of Reken. “While billions have been spent on security products, the impact of cybercrime has actually been getting worse. The reality is that existing cybersecurity doesn’t work as well as we’d like against even yesterday’s threats, let alone against new attacks based on generative AI. For threats such as deepfake video, audio, images, phishing, and fraud, it’s clear that we need a new approach.”

News alert: p0 launches from stealth, leverages Generative AI to improve software integrity

New York City, New York – Jan. 30, 2024; In an increasingly competitive and malicious environment vulnerabilities in enterprise codebases can lead to catastrophic security failures.

Many times these can be fatal for businesses built on a foundation of customer trust and reliability. Data security is the most fundamental promise that a business can make to its users. Despite this, we have grown accustomed to hearing about massive data exploits on an almost daily basis. It is logical that recent research has found that 71% of software engineers are concerned about software reliability at their workplace.

p0 has launched from stealth and today announces that it has raised $6.5m from Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Alchemy Ventures to help stop catastrophic software failures.

p0’s proprietary technology leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to identify safety and security issues in software before it is ever run in a production environment. p0’s technology provides a single-click solution with no need for additional user configuration.