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News alert: Wisner Baum lawsuit alleges joint spyware scheme by Google, Meta, H&R Block

Los Angeles, Calif.,  Sept. 27, 2023 — Citing organized crime statutes, attorneys with Wisner Baum have filed the first RICO class action alleging that H&R Block, Meta, and Google jointly schemed to install spyware on the H&R Block site, scraping customers’ private tax return information for profit.

The suit comes on the heels of a July 2023 congressional report which found “a shocking breach of taxpayer privacy” when tax preparation companies shared millions of customers’ personal and financial information with Meta and Google, which used that information to create targeted ads.

The congressional report describes how Meta and Google helped H&R Block and other tax prep firms place “pixels” on the websites where customers entered tax information, in order to share that information with Meta and Google. The report found firms like H&R Block were “shockingly careless with their treatment of taxpayer data,” and that Meta had used this data to

News alert: DigitalAPICraft and Google partner to simplify development, integration of new apps

London, UK and Austin, Tex., Sept. 27, 2023 — Organisations around the world are rushing to build API (application programming interface) marketplaces to foster greater connectivity between them and their partners and users.

Global spend on API marketplaces is set to reach $50b by 2030 and helping organizations make them a success, DigitalAPICraft is today announcing their partnership with Google and the appointment of HSBC exec Marco Tedone as CTO as they scale the business.

APIs form the connection points between platforms and ecosystems. Every connected mobile app, every website and every application deployed on a cloud service uses APIs and the number of APIs within organizations is growing rapidly. This has led to the prominence of API marketplaces which provide numerous benefits to developers and organizations. They simplify the process of designing and developing new applications and integrating and managing existing ones.

A major advantage of the API marketplace is improved collaboration, as APIs facilitate seamless communication among various cloud applications and platforms. This allows for automated workflows and

News alert: ACM TechBrief lays out risks, policy implications of generative AI technologies

New York, NY, Sept. 27, 2023 – ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery has released “TechBrief: Generative Artificial Intelligence.”

It is the latest in the quarterly ACM TechBriefs series of short technical bulletins that present scientifically grounded perspectives on the impact and policy implications of specific technological developments in computing.

“TechBrief: Generative AI” begins by laying out a core challenge: the rapid commercialization of GenAI poses multiple large-scale risks to individuals, society, and the planet that require a

News Alert: i2Coalition launches ‘VPN Trust Initiative’ to promote VPN operators’ best practices

Washington, DC, Sept.26, 2023 — The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) launched the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI) in 2020 to establish a baseline for how virtual private network (VPN) providers should operate.

The goal is to help avoid oversights, misunderstandings, or vague legislation that could invite abuses of power and short-sighted legislation of helpful technology.

As a result of collaborative efforts, the VTI Principles serve as a comprehensive set of best practices for VPN providers that bolster consumer confidence and provider accountability, promoting wider VPN adoption and access to the technology’s benefits.

Today VTI is announcing the launch of the VPN Trust Seal accreditation program, which provides a clear public indicator that a participating VPN provider follows established best practices for

News alert: SSH announces another US financial institution selects PrivX as its PAM solution

Helsinki, Finland, Sept. 22, 2023 – A leading global financial institution has selected PrivX as its privileged access management (PAM) solution. The customer is one of the largest and most important financial institutions in the world.

This is third major new significant lighthouse customer for PrivX in the USA. The initial contract value is approximately USD 0.25 million of annual recurring subscription revenue (ARR), including professional services. The contract is automatically renewable. Our approach with this customer is following our land-and-expand strategy.

Scalability, ease of use

The customer selected PrivX after a thorough evaluation of several leading PAM solutions. PrivX was chosen for its ease of use, scalability, and ability to help the customer eliminate

News alert: MxD roundtable with White House officials highlights cybersecurity workforce needs

Chicago, Ill., Sept. 21, 2023 — MxD, the Digital Manufacturing and Cybersecurity Institute, today hosted a roundtable discussion with the White House Office of the National Cyber Director. Also in attendance were Access Living, The College of Lake County, CyberSkills2Work, and Task Force Movement. Organizations gathered to discuss courses and programs to address the critical cybersecurity workforce needs in the United States.

Each participating organization is committed to developing cyber skills and programs to train the workforce across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing. As a part of this effort, each organization made the following commitments:

MxD, in collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, created the Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Operational Technology (CyMOT) program to increase the security of U.S. manufacturers from cyber-attacks by providing role-based training to the next generation of cybersecurity workers in manufacturing.  The 60-hour live-instruction course series targets roles in Artificial Intelligence engineering and cybersecurity and has been utilized

News alert: Omdia finds risk-based vulnerability management set to encompass the VM market

LONDON, Sept. 18, 2023 – The first comparative research into the evolution of the vulnerability management market authored by Omdia has found risk-based vulnerability management (RVBM) is set to encompass the entire vulnerability management market by 2027.

Omdia’s comprehensive market analysis is the first report that provides a strategic overview of RBVM and its broader evolution within cybersecurity that Omdia refers to as proactive security.

“The emergence of RBVM has been driven by several factors,” said Andrew Braunberg, Principal Analyst with Omdia and author of the report. “Traditional vulnerability management tools, which enterprises use to identify, prioritize, and remediate software security vulnerabilities, have increasingly struggled to meet the needs of the modern enterprise because of the challenges of digital transformation, the expanded and diversified attack surface, the proliferation of IoT devices, and the acceleration of