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BEST PRACTICES: Rising complexities of provisioning identities has pushed ‘IGA’ to the fore

Identity governance and administration, or IGA, has suddenly become a front-burner matter at many enterprises.

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This is, in large part, because the complexity of business networks continues to escalate at a time when compliance mandates are intensifying. I had the chance at RSA 2019 to visit with Mike Kiser, global strategist at SailPoint, an Austin, TX-based supplier of IGA services to discuss this.

SailPoint, which went public in November 2017, has grown to more than 1000 employees in 30 locations. Its customer base is comprised of eight of the top 15 banks, four of the top six healthcare insurance and managed care providers, nine of the top 15 property and casualty insurance providers, five of the top 13 pharmaceutical companies, and 11 of the largest 15 federal agencies.

The identity challenges these large organizations are wrestling with can be instructive to organizations of all sizes and in all verticals – any entity that is participating in the global supply chain. For a full drill down of our conversation, give a listen to the accompanying podcast. Here are a few of the key takeaways:

Identity’s moment

Traditional concepts of putting up perimeter defenses to protect on-premise systems have gone out the window. Companies today routinely use a combination of on-premise and cloud-supplied infrastructure. Meanwhile, employees, partners, suppliers and customers are using their smartphones to gain access.

In this digitally transformed environment, maintaining perimeter defenses still has a place. Yet,  most breaches today can be traced back to a compromised identity, or misuse of an authorized identity. …more