Brazil, India move into Top 5 nations generating cyberattacks

The United States and China in 2009 maintained their no 1. and no. 2 rankings as the top nations of origin for various types of cyberattacks.

Meanwhile,  Brazil has supplanted Germany as the globe’s no. 3 origination source of malicious net traffic while India has zoomed to no. 5.

Those rankings were released today in Symantec’s 2009 Global Internet Security Threat Report. They underscore the dark side of steadily rising availability of broadband Internet access, particularly in emerging nations; meanwhile  coordinated regulation and law enforcement continues to lag behind, Vincent Weafer, vice president of Symantec Security Response told the Last Watchdog.

Symantec calculated the average proportion of six categories of malicious activities originating from each country around the globe. Overall, the U.S. accounted for 19% of all malicious traffic in 2009, down from 23% in 2008, while China accounted for 8%, down from 9%.

In the Tableau interactive graphic shown below, you can drill down on the overall, year-over-year ranking changes for  each of the Top 20 nations by clicking on the global map. And you can see details of how each nation ranked in each of five attack categories: hosting phishing sites, delivering malicious code, spewing spam, sending out bot commands, and originating cyberattacks.  Some correlations to note:

  • The U.S. is no. 1 in five categories, but ranks 6th in delivering spam.
  • India is no. 2 in delivering malicious code, and no. 3 in spewing spam.
  • Romania is the no. 3 source of phishing websites.
  • Spain, Turkey and France have  slipped out of  the Top Ten in overall rankings.
  • Poland, Romania and Vietnam are stealing market share in several categories.

Big thanks to Tableau Software’s  Ellie Fields and Ross Perez for assembling the Tableau charts below on a tight deadline. Try out the many cool functions.  Tableau Public is  a  powerful new tool enabling users to derive fresh insights from rich data sets. You can sort each field in the heatmap using the toolbar. Just click on the header for the column you wish to sort, then click on the sort button on the toolbar and select Ascending or Descending, depending on your preference.

by Byron Acohido

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