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Secrecy shrouds breach of possibly a third payment cards processor

Visa and MasterCard are being circumspect about a new round of warnings they’ve issued regarding stolen credit and debit card numbers circulating in the criminal world — data  possibly stolen from another breach of a payment card processor. This follows major data thefts from Heartland Payment Sytems and RBS WorldPay,  for which precious few details have officially been made public.

Visa has issued a statement waffling about what prompted recent warnings to certain banks and credit unions about a fresh wave of stolen credit card and debit card account numbers being put to use by criminals. It took that action only after security bloggers, like Steve Ragan, …more

TJX data theft leads to money-laundering scam

June 12, 2007

By Jon Swartz and Byron Acohido, USA TODAY

Find the original copy of this article here:

JACKSONVILLE – Last fall, 19-year-old Irving Escobar crisscrossed northern and central Florida using counterfeit credit cards to buy stacks of $400 gift cards from Wal-Mart stores, cashing them in to buy TVs, PCs and jewelry from Wal-Mart subsidiary Sam’s Clubs in south Florida.

The scam was easy money: Escobar and several Miami-based accomplices traveled in rental cars to the state’s Wal-Mart stores, according to a criminal complaint by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

With credit cards supplied by an unnamed recruiter, they bought gift cards in $400 increments – just below …more