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Could Waledec be the second-coming of the infamous Storm email worm?

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT click on this Couponizer online ad. You will  turn over control of your PC to the Waledec botnet. You will likely  get a banking trojan installed, and your machine performance may slow when your PC is assigned to spread email spam and participate in denial of service attacks.

Not much has been written about Waledec. Yet there is a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting that it may be the successor to the Storm email worm that infested the Internet from January 2007 through the summer of 2008. Kurt Baumgartner, Vice President of Behavioral Threat Research at PC Tools has been …more

$250,000 reward for Conficker controllers’ scalps

That $250,000 bounty Microsoft has put up for the scalps of the controllers of the globe-spanning Conficker worm seems about right. Conficker, aka Downadup,  has now infected the German military, as well as networks of the UK and French Air Forces and England’s Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. After several weeks of informal collaborations, the world’s top virus hunters have formed an official posse to hunt down these very slick bad guys.

“By sharing resources and expertise, this collaborative cross-industry effort is not only protecting infected systems from further damage, but also providing security to the Internet community on the whole,” says Vincent Weafer, VP Symantec …more

FAQ — The Ominous Downadup/Conficker worm

The creators/controllers of the unnerving Downadup/Conficker worm that continues to spread, mostly via unpatched Windows PCs inside corporate networks, have been very good about  holding their cards close, giving few hints of how they plan to use a botnet of several million infected PCs.  Here’s an FAQ I’ve assembled, derived from interviews with F-Secure’s Patrik Runald, Secureworks’ Don Jackson, Arbor Networks’ Jose Nazario, Sunbelt Software’s Eric  Sites and Panda Security’s Inaki Urzay.

Q. How did  Downadup/Conficker originate?

A. Around last September, as everyone focused on the crashing financial markets, a self-spreading Windows OS infection began hitting  a few PCs in China. The attacker took advantage …more

Botnets can be used to blackmail targeted sites


By Jon Swartz and Byron Acohido, USA TODAY

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SAN FRANCISCO – Botnets work beautifully for blackmail.

Cyberextortionists have perfected denial-of-service attacks, in which thousands of bots are directed to bombard a targeted website with nuisance requests, effectively preventing anyone else from connecting to the site.

STORY: Botnet scams are exploding

The crooks threaten to paralyze websites for video games, financial institutions and small e-commerce businesses – unless the website owners pay protection money.

Denial-of-service attacks using armies of bots are as “a big a business as ever,” says Dmitri Alperovitch, director of intelligence analysis for Secure Computing. In late February, it detected a large botnet attack on more than two dozen gambling sites in what appeared …more