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Botnets can be used to blackmail targeted sites


By Jon Swartz and Byron Acohido, USA TODAY

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SAN FRANCISCO – Botnets work beautifully for blackmail.

Cyberextortionists have perfected denial-of-service attacks, in which thousands of bots are directed to bombard a targeted website with nuisance requests, effectively preventing anyone else from connecting to the site.

STORY: Botnet scams are exploding

The crooks threaten to paralyze websites for video games, financial institutions and small e-commerce businesses – unless the website owners pay protection money.

Denial-of-service attacks using armies of bots are as “a big a business as ever,” says Dmitri Alperovitch, director of intelligence analysis for Secure Computing. In late February, it detected a large botnet attack on more than two dozen gambling sites in what appeared …more

Botnet scams are exploding

By Byron Acohido and Jon Swartz, USA TODAY

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SEATTLE – Two days after actor Heath Ledger died, e-mails began moving across the Internet purportedly carrying a link to a detailed police report divulging “the real reason” behind the actor’s death. Ledger had been summarily drafted into the service of a botnet.

Bots are compromised computers controlled by profit-minded crooks. Those e-mails were spread by a network of thousands of bots, called a botnet. Anyone who clicked on the link got instantly absorbed into the fast-spreading Mega-D botnet, says security firm Marshal. Mega-D enriches its operators, mainly by distributing spam for male-enhancement pills.

Largely unnoticed by the public, …more

Storm e-mail worm evolves as it wreaks havoc on Net


By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY

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LAS VEGAS — Like a summer cyclone gathering force, the Storm e-mail worm is casting an expanding shadow on the Internet.

Storm first spread to e-mail in-boxes in Europe and the USA in January — enticing recipients to click on a link for a fake news story about a deadly storm …more