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Could Waledec be the second-coming of the infamous Storm email worm?

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT click on this Couponizer online ad. You will  turn over control of your PC to the Waledec botnet. You will likely  get a banking trojan installed, and your machine performance may slow when your PC is assigned to spread email spam and participate in denial of service attacks.

Not much has been written about Waledec. Yet there is a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting that it may be the successor to the Storm email worm that infested the Internet from January 2007 through the summer of 2008. Kurt Baumgartner, Vice President of Behavioral Threat Research at PC Tools has been …more

Banking trojans infest Internet

Banking trojans are inundating the Internet.

These malicious programs lay in wait on your hard drive for an opportune moment to crack your online banking account — usually just as you log on. You can get them by clicking on a viral link to a greeting card or video that arrives in e-mail spam. Or by clicking to a web page that’s been corrupted by hackers.

By now, most Internet users are savvy about “phishing” e-mail scams that try to trick them you into typing login information at fake bank websites. So cyber thieves have shifted to spreading invisible banking trojans, which can steal data mulitple ways and require no action by the …more